How uncomplicated it is for someone to say ,”oh you are so rich! Your net worth must be a million dollars” unaware of the struggle and the tussle it takes to be one. People are so enlightened and blown away by the social media life of rich people that they forget to reconsider their struggle behind this. (also, I am not talking about spoiled brats ,here. I am talking about the people who actually struggled to earn a living for themselves)

It requires sweat, determination, gumption , hard work , inquisitiveness for one to enter the world of fantasies. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t be intrigued by someone’s rich life instead focus on the will power it takes for a person to earn one. Nowadays people are so shrewd and satirical that it takes a second for them to pass on a tongue in cheek comment not considering how it would affect the other person.

You don’t know how your comments can affect a person in real. You never know how touchy the influencer might be. It’s easy for you to type a comment about their life but it’s terribly and extremely difficult for them to live with that kinda hate. Not every influencer has ” I don’t give a damn” attitude. Some people are subjected to emotional turmoil. Their minds are triggered.

Before commenting anything obnoxious and vicious ,remember, it’ll come back to you. *KARMA WORKS*


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