Namastey everyone!

I don’t know what crap people have in their minds when it comes to WOMEN. Plethora of misogynists and a hand full of feminists. Unfortunately our society teaches women to be strong and not to whine when they go through after marriage issues. Dowry deaths are a common thing. Women are taken for granted. Male chauvinists presume that it’s the duty of women to handle household chores and look after THEIR children, whereas men will earn for the family. Is this what you call DIVISION OF WORK?

People intend to develop derogatory attitude towards women when they cross their so called ‘LIMITS’. Darn! Is this our society? It’s enigmatic. From sports to sets women are treated as inferior. It’s hard to accept the fact that the men we know are no less than the men we hate. Women might feel insecure about themselves among their known male pals.

A lot to write about women empowerment but I’ll cut short my words or make a new post about this crucial topic.

It would be a hyperbolic statement if I say that around 90 women are raped everyday in India, unfortunately this is true. Imagine the pain these women have to go through. THINK about the women who are abandoned after being a victim of sadist. Now the point of writing all this is to convince the reader to become neutral towards gender. Don’t entertain gender discrimination or misogynists.

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