How uncomplicated it is for someone to say ,”oh you are so rich! Your net worth must be a million dollars” unaware of the struggle and the tussle it takes to be one. People are so enlightened and blown away by the social media life of rich people that they forget to reconsider their struggle behind this. (also, I am not talking about spoiled brats ,here. I am talking about the people who actually struggled to earn a living for themselves)

It requires sweat, determination, gumption , hard work , inquisitiveness for one to enter the world of fantasies. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t be intrigued by someone’s rich life instead focus on the will power it takes for a person to earn one. Nowadays people are so shrewd and satirical that it takes a second for them to pass on a tongue in cheek comment not considering how it would affect the other person.

You don’t know how your comments can affect a person in real. You never know how touchy the influencer might be. It’s easy for you to type a comment about their life but it’s terribly and extremely difficult for them to live with that kinda hate. Not every influencer has ” I don’t give a damn” attitude. Some people are subjected to emotional turmoil. Their minds are triggered.

Before commenting anything obnoxious and vicious ,remember, it’ll come back to you. *KARMA WORKS*



Namastey everyone!

I don’t know what crap people have in their minds when it comes to WOMEN. Plethora of misogynists and a hand full of feminists. Unfortunately our society teaches women to be strong and not to whine when they go through after marriage issues. Dowry deaths are a common thing. Women are taken for granted. Male chauvinists presume that it’s the duty of women to handle household chores and look after THEIR children, whereas men will earn for the family. Is this what you call DIVISION OF WORK?

People intend to develop derogatory attitude towards women when they cross their so called ‘LIMITS’. Darn! Is this our society? It’s enigmatic. From sports to sets women are treated as inferior. It’s hard to accept the fact that the men we know are no less than the men we hate. Women might feel insecure about themselves among their known male pals.

A lot to write about women empowerment but I’ll cut short my words or make a new post about this crucial topic.

It would be a hyperbolic statement if I say that around 90 women are raped everyday in India, unfortunately this is true. Imagine the pain these women have to go through. THINK about the women who are abandoned after being a victim of sadist. Now the point of writing all this is to convince the reader to become neutral towards gender. Don’t entertain gender discrimination or misogynists.


Namastey everyone!

Every human being in the world is entitled to mental breakdowns at some point of time. Many people factually don’t know how to deal with it. Some people cut off their lifespan and many people have a “this too shall pass” attitude towards it. Doesn’t really matter how big or small the problem is ,all you need to do is figure out a way to get it over with. Everyone has problems in their life and face a lot of terrible times of their life. Think. Think. Think about your next step. Will it direct you towards the right direction? Will it help u get throught this? Or are you digging your own grave? Mental breakdowns are just a dark phase of your life. Face them with immense power. Distract your mind. Follow your passion. Imbibe positive vibes within yourself. Find a way for yourself. Speak to your loved ones about this. Don’t let your breakdowns barge into your dreams or your passion. Remember, YOU’VE GOT A BEAUTIFUL LIFE , MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE DYING FOR ONE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN THE VERY NEXT MOMENT WHILE YOU ARE READING THIS. GOD IS GIFTING YOU ANOTHER AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER SECOND AND HERE YOU ARE STILL READING THIS. MEANS YOU ARE NOT DEAD YET. SO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE . DEAL WITH EVERY PHASE OF YOUR LIFE. SPREAD POSITIVITY . STAY OPTIMISTIC .

Nepotism and Bollywood

Namastey everyone!

It’s shocking to hear about the demise of very beloved actor SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT , who earned fame and money but failed to earn happiness. Palpably money can’t buy happiness. Sushant Singh Rajput was a great actor, his suicide has left everybody down in the dumps. 7 films, yes you read that right , 7 films were taken away from him just because he wasn’t a nepo kid. He built his own career step by step and was being bamboozled by many directors. KARAN JOHAR , the most sly and manipulative director I have ever known convinced Sushant Singh Rajput that his film DRIVE would be released on cinemas but yes he cheated on him and released it on Netflix. Had there been a nepo kid as the protagonist he would have never done such a thing. Sushant Singh Rajput was a victim of depression since 6 months and yet nobody noticed. His body was found hanging in his apartment in Bandra, Mumbai on 14 june. Nepotism is the only reason why outsiders take a lot of time to settle in this industry unlike the nepo kids who are casted in a film even without acting skills. Ananya Panday , the very STRUGGLING NEPO KID, won various awards for her acting in Student of the year 2 (I am not even sure should I call that acting?) whereas SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT THE REAL ACTOR DIDN’T RECEIVE ANY AWARD FOR AN AMAZING FILM CHHCHHORE. Palpably anyone can tell what kind of industry is this bollywood industry. TAKE A STAND FOR YOURSELF.

Teenage life

Namastey everyone!

Being a teenager is not so easy…there are many ups and downs…you’ll cry for a moment and you’ll laugh the very next moment. Mood swings are an everyday thing. You get to learn A LOT MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. Heartbreaks, fake people, work load are the some of the most terrible issues you face. I’m just a 15y/o girl which eventually means I’m a teenager too. Of course I do not have a full teenage phase experience. But I have learned plethora of things in this phase of my life. I can Imagine what it feels like to go through a mental breakdown…it’s alright to face such things you just need to get pass through this. THINK ABOUT TODAY. Think about what you’ll do today . Be more productive. Don’t let a second go in vain. You might feel like procrastinating and deferring work ,it’s not a big deal. Find your best interest and give your BEST in it. And yes don’t forget to buy yourself some detox time from the entire day . TEENAGE LIFE IS EASY , YOU JUST DON’T HAVE TO LOSE YOURSELF WHILE PASSING THROUGH THIS PHASE

P.s- I am new to this app so suggestions on improving my blog are always welcomed in the comment section.


Namastey everyone!

Today’s generations is facing a lot of stress ,load and depression due to work pressure ,family reasons, financial crisis and many other obvious reasons. We can’t think much about what to do in such situations because we only focus on the problem and not the solution ..we think about the problem and it becomes the dominant thought in our minds. EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION. Don’t back off …face it with courage. Every person has their own way to deal with problems…Talking about extroverts, they discuss it with their loved ones and seek advices. When it comes to introverts,they are not likely to discuss such problems with anyone and they keep it inside. If you feel that you can get through the situation then well and good but if you feel you need advices then please ask. Talk to your parents, your friend, your closest cousin or your own sibling. Yeah sometimes you feel shattered and feel that if you’ll talk about the problem with others they’ll judge you and they’ll act shrewd. But try and talk to’ll develop confidence ….Distract your mind. Practice meditation. And in a tranquil mood think about how you can solved your problems. Because that’s the only point where you can calmly think about it and initiate a POSITIVE step towards it. I emphasised on “positive” as negative steps won’t work. Committing suicide , Mutilating yourselves won’t work because these are the most selfish,foolish and harmful steps you can ever take which will leave you and your family in excruciating with the problem. Talk to your loved ones. EVERY ONE HAS PROBLEM IN THEIR LIVES AND EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION , EVERY PROBLEM CAN BE DEALT …stay strong, stay fearless and stay determined.

P.s- Suggestions on improvements in my blog posts are always welcomed as I’m new to this app and still learning about this.


Namastey everyone!

So it’s around 12 pm here and I am writing this just to Thank God for whatever he has blessed me with . For a roof , for food, for home, for school. EveryTHING.We recieve a materialistic gift and we never forget to thank the person. We recieve exorbitant luxuries and we are so grateful for the person who gifted it. Ever thought of thanking God for every day you wake up and you’re alive and you spend the rest of the day in the pink of your health. Ever thought of thanking God for all the sources he has blessed you with. Ever thought of thanking God for you sleep on cozy mattresses and many people out there sleep in the night shelters or on the roads. God would certainly never ask for a single thank you whereas people on the other hand would never expect you to stop being grateful to them . You have absolutely no idea what wonders God has done for you. He is neutral. He will punish you for your sins and bless you for your good deeds. I am blessed with a lot more than I imagine. I can read and write well. I have limbs , eyes, nose ,ear, mouth and everything is working well. I am beautiful. Thank God for each and every moment. We often approach God when we are stuck in a problem but when that problem is resolved by God’s grace …Do we thank HIM? or we continue to live our busy lives? Thank God because he is the only reason you were able to open your eyes on this new day and got up from your bed. You were able to kick start a new day. God is with us and will always be ,no matter what. We are often stuck in our own relationships and about the efforts we should put in the human relations but the relationship between a human and God is unbreakable. So start praying to God everyday…this is the least you could do on your part.


Namastey everyone!

I am a 15y/o girl and just like other teens I too have a lot of dreams and fantasies but I’m mature enough or I guess I am mature enough to find what I am best at. To discover yourself or your “talented self” is itself a big task isn’t it? It might take weeks or months or years. I found out that all I can do right now is study well and write about my thoughts(because it’s midnight here haha) and let people know. Well I was studying accounts and picked my phone and randomly starting writing…ok to not make it feel like I am writing a diary let’s come to the actual point. DISCOVER YOURSELF. It’s easy to think and fantasize about giving the best out of yourself but Do you actually WORK FOR IT? Have you taken a step or thought of taking a step for what you actually what? Have you considered the pros and cons and your comfort for what you desire? If not then DO IT RIGHT NOW! you know what I’ve downloaded this app with the thought that no one would see what I write but I think I am the happiest person after seeing 5 likes on my last 2 posts …maybe initially you wouldn’t feel like you would get any recognition but as soon as you’ll make it work it’ll earn you more than just recognition. I don’t know if that makes

If you have any sort of plan for your future MAKE IT WORK! AND YOU’LL HAVE A BIG WIDE GRIN after you’re successful and believe me you will be!


Namastey everyone!

So I have been watching a lot of what would you do (wwyd) videos and I feel good people still exist.for the people who don’t know what this show is about…it’s a show where the actors build up an act to be precise A NEGATIVE ACT and they perform it in public and it looks very catches the attention of other people and palpably some people speak up ……I mean people still have a lot of courage to blow the whistle and speak up when they witness something wrong. I am astounded. People are not born with hate…they learn to do so in the society -NELSON MANDELA. Considering the fact that people like those negative protagonists in wwyd EXIST IN REAL makes me unhappy. Treating people with affection and treating affected people with love would be the least you could do to build one’s self esteem and self confidence. Perhaps some people would find this post totally nonsense but I guess it’s high time to make the world stronger.